Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Flickr Gallery of 2012 Calendar Photos

I put together a gallery of the photos from the 2012 JetCityOrange calendars.

After you decide which one(s) you want, you can download them off here: JetCityOrange/calendar/

Download Free 2012 Calendars (PDF)

I've been designing and giving away free calendars for the last 10 years. This year's calendars:

"Psychic Barber" features a photo of the neon sign at Rick’s Barber Shop in West Seattle and a QR barcode that tangentially relates to the sign itself. The neon sign is real and yes there's a story behind it.
"Soup" is a still life photo with a message floating in a bowl of soup. The photo was done by madmoo. The QR code in the photograph is worth scanning and especially if you're hungry and like to cook.
"Cairn" is a simple and serene image of a cairn, the pile of stones used as a trail marker. Jerry is transfixed by cairns whenever he comes across one while hiking in the Cascades. (trivia: JetCityOrange began as a site called "The Cairn Project".)

All of the 2012 calendars are available online right now! JetCityOrange.com/calendar