Wednesday, December 28, 2011

RSS Feeds Double As Mobile Web Pages Too With foneFrame

SEATTLE - foneFrame creates RSS feeds that are also mobile web pages for smartphones. Read foneFrame RSS feeds on your Android device or iPhone using your favorite web browser, not a feed reader. Make feeds that double as mobile web pages too. [ ]

Millions read feeds and follow podcasts but most people switch to a dedicated feed reader. Your phone's browser is your best friend and goes with you everywhere, so why not use it to access your favorite feeds too? With foneFrame you can!

Link an RSS 2.0 file to a foneFrame stylesheet and convert simple feeds into fully customizable mobile web pages. foneFrame uses CSS3 stylesheets to format feeds; edit the stylesheet to quickly modify your mobile page.

- foneFrame feeds are mobile pages on smartphones

- compatible with Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone, as well as computers & tablets

- Create & maintain your feed on your computer, under your own control

- Fully customizable because foneFrame uses CSS3 stylesheets

- The basic foneFrame framework is free, released under Creative Commons

- The basic foneFrame framework is hosted in the cloud for decreased latency

- Support for PubSubHubBub & message authentication codes

- And it's free!

RSS files are often machine-generated, exported from applications or generated dynamically. Feeds lend themselves to timely alerts and updates pushed out to smartphones, as well as syndication.

foneFrame is a mobile web framework from Azalea Software, Inc. built using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It's free, open source, and licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0). This means you're encouraged to edit, change, modify, and mashup foneFrame

foneFrame is available as a template for those who build their own pages, as a web front end that generates mobile web sites, a hack to 'skin' Twitter feeds, and now an RSS wrapper as well. The basic foneFrame framework is stored in the cloud for speed and ease of use. Your web files are kept on your computer, under your control, using HTML5's local storage. foneFrame is a decentralized tool, free from the constraints of a third party site.

"foneFrame is like a lucky penny: it turns up everywhere! Our HTML5 template was first. Then we turned our attention to the web. Using your browser you can write and maintain feeds stored on your computer, not some possibly non-secure third party site." says Jerry Whiting, Azalea Software's founder & president. "We call these 'feeds with style'. Yes, they're feeds but they're also mobile pages. One file, two mediums."

Every feed entry includes a digital fingerprint that provides author and message authentication using an HMAC (Hash-based Message Authentication Code) based on SHA-256.

foneFrame is a project sparked by the use of social media during the Arab Spring and the American Occupy movement. Governments can block access to sites like Twitter and Facebook. What if you could create mobile web pages through your browser? What if cryptography provided authentication automatically? What if foneFrame was hosted for free in the cloud? Would you try it? What would you do with it? How can we make it better?

Azalea Software, Inc., founded in 1992, publishes barcode printing software [ ], an Android QR scanning app [ ], and mobile dev tools [ ]. Located in Seattle WA, we enjoy writing good software almost as much as we love The Three Jewels.

Media contact: Jerry Whiting, Azalea Software, Inc. +1.206.341.9500

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