Saturday, December 01, 2012


Free 2013 Calendars from Seattle Designer Jerry Whiting

SEATTLE - Dec 1, 2012 - Calendars for 2013 have been released by Seattle designer Jerry Whiting in time for the new year. Jerry has been sharing free, downloadable calendars for many years and this year's can be found on JetCityOrange [ ]

A set of 4 calendars in Acrobat PDF format can be download for free. Three of this year's calendars include QR barcodes. When scanned with a smart phone, the different QR codes bring interactivity and added features to the calendars themselves. Some may consider the QR codes Easter Eggs.

The photographs in most of the calendars were taken by Jerry but unlike years past, there is no central theme or motif. "Instead of restricting myself to orchids, neon signs, or industrial abstractions, this year I chose images I liked for no other reason that they clicked for me. It freed me up to present what I wanted, how I wanted." said Whiting. "I'm much more excited about the QR codes this year because with the spread of smart phones and the recognition of QR codes as something worth scanning, I can bring new dimensions to my 2013 calendars."

One image is of a manhole cover, something most of us drive or walk over without every looking at it. One features street art and graffiti, a favorite subject of Jerry's, and another features a Buddha statue, something even more precious to Jerry.

The individual PDF files are large because they contain high res images and are meant to be printed edge to edge.

With a month to go in 2012 there's every reason to believe that one or more 2013 calendars will be released before year's end. It's been known to happen.

JetCityOrange is a Seattle-based site that features the whims and passions of Jerry Whiting [ ]. There are sections on a wide variety of topics spanning meditation & Buddhism, to computer security and Tor, to photography, food, and sound files. If you can't find something on JetCityOrange you like, either you didn't look hard enough or you should go back to watching TV.

CONTACT: Jerry Whiting,, 1.206.341.9500


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