Tuesday, November 29, 2011

foneFrame HTML5 Template Press Release

(PDF version)

Don't Have A Mobile Site? You're Late. Not Using HTML5? You're Behind. The Answer? foneFrame!

SEATTLE - Mobile web pages and HTML5? Yes. Web sites for smartphones like Android and iPhone? Done. Creative Commons, open source, and free? Yep, free as in "beer". foneFrame, a free mobile web framework, now has a new template. [ foneFrame.com/fF ]

The foneFrame 2.0.0 template from Azalea Software is the latest implementation of the foneFrame schema. Built with HTML5 + CSS3 with a touch of JavaScript, foneFrame creates mobile pages quickly and easily, and is the ideal way to wireframe mobile pages.

"Why struggle with HTML5? You know you want to use it but can't seem to find the time to master it. foneFrame begins with HTML5 and CSS3 and builds out from there. It's foolish *not* to use foneFrame." says Jerry Whiting, Azalea Software Inc.'s Pres & CEO. "I found the sweet spot between Android and iPhone to be elusive at best. I'm glad to share my learning curve with you because there's no faster way to jumpstart a new web project than by using a template. That's why the foneFrame template is free under the Creative Commons license. We *want* you to edit, change, improve, hack, and mashup it up!"

As opposed to other web templates that are merely static boilerplate you replace, the foneFrame template includes valuable information about SEO (search engine optimization), metadata, and has examples of how to embed Google Maps, Google Calendars, and Twitter feeds into mobile pages. The styles defined in the stylesheet can be mixed and matched to format a wide variety of page layouts.

Other features include:
- the basic framework elements are hosted in the cloud for reduced latency
- a library of basic buttons and icons
- a basic photo gallery with thumbnail navigation
- lots and lots of comments in the code that explain how foneFrame works

foneFrame is a mobile web framework focusing on smartphones like Android and iPhone. Built using HTML5, CSS3, & JavaScript, foneFrame encompasses a schema and naming conventions. Azalea Software, Inc. [ www.azalea.com ], founded in 1992 publishes barcode printing software and mobile dev tools. Located in Seattle WA, Azalea Software is an innovative, one-of-a-kind company.

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