Saturday, December 24, 2005

Reflections on a year

As 2005 comes to a close, the shortest day behind us as is my solar return, reflection is in order.

All said and done, the family seems somewhat resiliant and faring well in spite of the kids' less-than-stellar academic performance (or lack thereof). I smell three New Year's Resolutions in quick succession. One clone actually.

Speaking of children, now we have two with seizures. Different Dx, different Tx, and different Rx. Got that SEA/OAK round trip in a day thaing down pat. Big shoutout to Miki.

The Frau and I continue. The extended family seems to get along smoother than us. I'm not sure there's been another year I've used the word "volatile" as much. Ahhh, love...

Join AARP this year. Killed a startup too. Photography again. With a renewed vigor.

Fortunately strangers still send me money for barcode software. The boutique survives. Prospers actually. Still a killer view. Recycled faces. And still seriously PT post-sabbatical.

And now on to aught six.