Friday, January 20, 2006

misc. thoughts

"Misc. thoughts"? Those are the only kind I seem to have these days.

Why have a tachometer in a car with an automatic transmission?

I cut my ponytail off a month ago and it's just now that I've retrained myself not to pour out a glob of shampoo out of habit.

I like the stop lights in Washington DC because they have a count down that tells you how long it'll stay green before turning to red. Tells me just how much I have to speed up to make it. Very handy in school zones and near nursing homes.

Ordering a schooner of beer outside of WA and OR will often yield unintended results if not outright confusion. Bartender at a DC brewery didn't want to admit he didn't know what I was talking about so I ended up with an imperial pint, not a 12 oz or half pint glass. Fortunately it was an oatmeal stout. Not that the boneheads in the kitchen could serve up cornbread with their chowder despite promises to the contrary.

And traffic is worse in NYC than ever before. Don't get me started. I did get to ICP and ABC Home. Didn't have time for a Harry Callahan exhibit because I chose to walk through town. Soho next time on foot.