Monday, January 02, 2006

So now it's 2006.

It's aught six. I've even written my first check. And didn't mess up the date either.

New Year's Eve was as mellow as Xmas Eve. Both spent in Mukilteo. A pleasant time was had by all. Low key, private, and intimate. Slept like a dead man. Near catatonic sleep for hours on end. Quick, put a mirror under his nose. Is the body still warm?

The kids need to check back in to school. I need to finish moving into this house. I need to think about where next. The juicer needs to make a reappearance.

I've looked at and and I still stand by my use earlier of the word "volatile".

All said and done, it should be a great year. Not just a good one, a great. Going to Boston, DC, and NYC 13jan-19jan. Yes, a much needed solo East Coast road trip. Lots of photo exhibits and a trip to beer mecca, Dogfish Head!