Thursday, July 20, 2006

In the news

So we're up to our eyeballs in two Middle East wars (remember Afghanistan?). Israel is using a kidnapped soldier as a flimsy excuse to try to oust Hamas. Or should I say "the democraticly elected government of Palestine"? Less than a week after things come to a head, Britain and the US are evacuating ex-pats (what do they know they aren't tell us?). And diplomacy seems to be a four letter word to Bush.

The US will stand by Israel no matter how egregious their actions. They must have the bomb or their enemies would have pushed them into the sea by now. Meanwhile the price of gas is going down at the pump while crude is over $70 a barrel. During the summer when folks taking vacations. Drving vacations.

Will someone explain even half of the above to me? Please??

Whadda ya wanna bet that when Condi the Hun goes to the Middle East next week, "cease fire" and "peace talks" won't be in her vocabulary? Why not send Jesse Jackson over? It worked before.