Thursday, December 28, 2006

Looking back on the holidays

Well Mom got on the plane back home this morning. Quite the holiday season here chez Whiting.

6 days without power after a big wind storm
Mom comes 3 days earlier than I anticipated
Lisa was kind enough to host to weather refugees at her house
Azalea had an open house on the 22nd
The Evil Ex- abducted the kids over Xmas in defiance of parenting plan
I hosted dinner for 10 Christmas night
I got sick through it all
I'm now suffering from persistant hiccups. Don't laugh, it's almost 24 hrs now

Hanging out with Mom was great. She got quality time with the two youngest. My eldest even made an appearance Christmas Day. Significant given that I saw him on my birthday 12/12 for the first time since early Aug.

Lessons learned from Holiday Season '06? Family is everything. Lisa's the best. Next year's gonna be even better.