Thursday, December 21, 2006

Office camping

Yep. That's what my neighbors accused me of when they saw me schlepping into work at 8 with a sleeping bag, pad, and luggage. Again. Why? Cuz I ain't got no 'lectricity at home. Still. The storm was Thu night. It's Wed. The utility workers I spoke to down the street from my house confirmed my worse suspicions. I live on a ridge with a great view. Why? Cuz I live above a two block long, two street wide green belt. A green belt on a steep hill covered with blackberries. They can't get a truck anywhere near the pole and lines. Probably won't for 2-3 days. Unless tonight's storm causes more damage.

Oh. Did I mention that my 82 yr old mother came into town Mon morning? Three days earlier than I thought. God bless my sweetheart for hosting us for a couple nights. And arranged for us to spend the holiday week at her daughter's house.

Christmas '06? Yeah, that was the year I office camped.