Friday, April 13, 2007

Spam. It just keeps getting funnier & funnier.

Ahhhh, spam. The digital kind, not the tinned meat product. I gave up mammels 30-odd years ago. I wish the email variety would shun me.

If nothing else the subject lines give me cause for pause:
  Have jellyfish the calamity
  To be poultry
  And of salvation
  So what
  Even FBI agents must get a degree first, read how
  Re: you hangable
  FW: jujube provider
  Or shave an salamander
  The power of a dumb idea
  He flouts it joyfully.
  on confucian the jellyfish
  Is your dick like a scared turtle
  ensconce drapery
  Fine, i won't tell them
  be altitude
  Of course, this practice may get you shot, bitten by a dog or arrested.
  so true
  Bring back that fresh PC feeling
  Go be zoroastrian

Hey, I just throw it out. I don't write it!