Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What time is it? 666!

So y'all know how I feel about 666 and barcodes, right?

Well someone commented:

"Everyone focuses on the number 666. The logic goes that when the shit hits the fan (Book of Revelation) no one will be able to do commerce without the mark of the beast on one's right hand or forehead. Error one: barcodes are on boxes of corn flakes, bottles of shampoo, and six-packs of beer, not on people. I can buy any of these items with a twenty dollar bill, no UPC tattoo required. Not that barcode tattoos aren't popular"
This made me laugh.......mainly because you said also "Nut jobs who don't know jackshit about barcodes"
Well in this sense, you are a "nutjob" who doesnt know jackstuff about the Bible
Its not "no one in the world" will be able to do commerce.....its "no one in that area" which will be made up of 10 nations total
The mark in the forehead is NOT a barcode or chip or anything like the surrender of ones MIND and WILL to the allegiance to the antichrist
The Mark in the hand could VERY WELL be like the verichip, it does not have to contain the numbers 666 in it.....666 is the number of the name of either the antichrist or the false religious leader who is also mentioned in revelation 13
And though it would not be hard to have an entire area convert to digital currency as opposed to paper currency, this will probably not be the says all must have the mark OR the name of the antichrist OR the number of his this light, all one would have to do is Swear Allegiance to this nation and its king/leader, and they are marked in their forehead
So is it gonna be a barcode? probably NOT......but dont talk down on the Truth of the Bible when you dont even know what it says
Have a great day,

And s/he calls me a nutjob...