Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mosquito Ringtone cease & desist threat email

well. who the f*ck are you? prove that you own the IP including the
trademarks, copyrights, and/or patents.

Jerry Whiting

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On Fri, Sep 19, 2008 at 5:55 PM, Mike Gibson
> Copyright 2008 Jerry Whiting. All rights reserved. pad.xml
> JetCityOrange • PO Box 16745 • Seattle WA • 98116-0745 • jetcityorange at
> gmail dotcom
> Mr. Whiting,
> With Prejudice:
> It has come to our attention that you are illegally advertising and
> distributing the "Mosquito Ringtone" through the website
> We have also taken notice that you may have
> additional websites and links to other websites also illegally using the
> "Mosquito Ringtone" and "Mosquito" Trademark.
> We are writing to inform you that you that this is illegal and in violation
> of Trademark, Copyright and Patent Laws as the name "Mosquito" and use of
> the "Mosquito Ringtone" have been Trademarked, Copyrighted and Patented.
>, or any other Jet City Orange sites, does not have;
> neither the right to use this Trademark, Ringtone or Patent, nor permission
> to distribute "The Mosquito Ringtone". and all
> affiliated websites controlled by Jet City of Seattle must cease and desist
> any and all activities in relation to the promotion and distribution of the
> "Mosquito Ringtone" through or any other means or
> websites by September 22, 2008 at the latest. In other words you do not
> have the rights to advertising or distribution of a free "Mosquito Ringtone"
> on your site as you are in violation of Trademark, Copyright and Patent
> Laws; therefore you are subject to a lawsuit and personably liable for
> royalties of past and future "Mosquito Ringtone" downloads, reimbursement of
> lost revenues, damages and any other costs associated to this lawsuit
> including but not limited to all legal fees.
> Failure to remove any "Mosquito" reference from your website, including any
> domain names and ringtone, by September 22, 2008 will result in legal action
> and notification sent to existing and future advertisers, such as
> We will be informing all advertisers that
> and related Jet City Orange websites and any other
> unauthorized websites providing "Mosquito Ringtone" downloads and use the
> "Mosquito" Trademark is in violation of Trademark, Copyright and Patent Laws
> and that advertisers will be liable for lost revenues as they are supporting
> these illegal sites with advertising revenue. In addition, we intend to
> inform your server administrators of your illegal activities.
> This is the only warning you will receive as this is non-negotiable.
> Regards
> Mike Gibson
> President
> Moving Sound Technologies Inc.
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> from disclosure. This e-mail is intended solely for the use of the
> individual or entity to whom they are addressed. Any review, dissemination
> or use of this transmission or its contents by persons or unauthorized
> employees of the intended organizations is strictly prohibited.
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