Wednesday, January 21, 2009

China Oppresses Tibet. Again. Still.

After all they've done to Tibet, Beijing demanded a permit to reincarnate in an attempt to control the next Dalai Lama, Panchen Lama, Karmapa, or whoever else they deem a threat.

Now they've declared a new holiday. March 28 is now "Serfs Emancipation Day". You know, it's a time to to celebrate their emancipation from the hell of cruel oppression, quote unquote.

You remember the People's Republic of China, don't you? They're the ones behind the famous Peaceful Liberation of Tibet in 1951. Yeah, right.

China. You're transparent. We all see what you're up to. You're not fooling anyone. You're a disgrace to the revolution. Shame on you. Shame.