Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Free 2012 Calendars With Visual Puns and Easter Eggs From Azalea Software, Inc.

SEATTLE - Azalea Software, Inc. just released their collection of free calendars for 2012. [ ] Available in PDF format, they're designed to be downloaded and printed on your inkjet or laser printer..

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Azalea Software's trademark idiosyncratic and visually humorous calendars featuring unique photographic images. In keeping with tradition the photos in the 2012 calendars include visual puns and mixed messages. The calendars fit on one letter sized page and feature major holidays as well as the Azalea staff's birthdays. They expect at least an email if not flowers..

2012 is a Leap Year and to celebrate this auspicious occasion, this year's calendars have Easter eggs and poorly hidden messages in them. For reasons known only to himself, Azalea's president Jerry Whiting has infused a an interactive circus theme into this year's calendars..

"I've been under a rock working on foneFrame, our new mobile framework, for what seems like endless months now. When calendar time came around, I used it as a way to purge myself and prepare for the upcoming new year. Nothing thematic like the years we highlighted orchids, graffiti, or neon signs." says Whiting. "We stopped printing and mailing physical calendars a couple of years ago. By putting them online, we get to share them with everyone around the world. It's great!".

Download one or download them all. Link to them on Facebook, tweet about how much you love them, email the link to friends and family alike. The web page explains how to force full bleeds on Epson inkjet printers to accommodate the calendars' design. Quit being a cheapskate and walk a flashdrive to a copy shop and pay for a high quality print. And don't forget Miranda & Jerry's birthdays (3/1 & 12/12 respectively)..

Azalea Software, Inc., Seattle WA, sells mobile web dev tools & mobile templates [ ] and barcode fonts & software [ ]. They maintain "The Barcode FAQ" and have been known to mouth off in their blog, [ ]. Miranda and Jerry can be found in their favorite coffee house, laptops in tow, collaborating with a virtual team that spans the globe. This line is to make sure you're paying attention..