Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Eve is Always Among Us: The Threat of Persistant Monitoring Online

SEATTLE 03may12 - JetCityOrange published a new white paper challenging us to admit that no digital conversation is private and we're being monitored more often than not. "Eve is Always Among Us, persistant montoring of our online traffic" outlines why we have little or no privacy online and why our threat models need to be thrown out.

As more of our life is shared, communicated, published and stored online we all need to take a hard look at how has access to what and why. Just because it's your phone in your pocket full of your data don't think you're the only one with access to all that personal data. On your phone or across wireless networks, nothing about your phone is private and only a knave thinks otherwise. Don't trust your phone.

Before 9/11 only bad guys were deemed worthy of wiretaps and electronic surveillance. The FBI handle domestic affairs, the NSA international, they did't like each other and certainly didn't cooperate. Now it's all about homeland security, the war on terror, and sacrificing privacy for security. In many ways fighting the war on terror makes all of us, American or not, suspects.

The National Security Agency has grown in mission, scope, and influence. Construction of a huge new data center is underway in Bluffdale UT (described by ). "Eve is Always Among Us, persistant montoring of our online traffic" discusses what the expanded NSA mission means for all of us, why they're buidling such a large data center in the middle of nowhere, and speculates what they'll do with all the data they're sweeping up.

"Until quite recently, two people assumed they enjoyed a large degree of privacy by default. As our lives have moved online we've given up our privacy. It's time for us to adjust our thinking and behavior in response to our phone calls, email, tweets, and browsing being monitored, analyzed, and stuffed into databases. Databases we don't know about or have control over." says Jerry Whiting, JetCityOrange's publisher. "If you're not vigilant, if you don't act now to protect yourself, you'll forfeit control over your digital life. Learn and adapt."

"Eve is Always Among Us, persistant montoring of our online traffic" is available online: This is one of several computer security related white papers covering topics like Tor and hiding computers from others.

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